Considering Aural Inertia

A visual discourse exploring inertia and transformation within the temporal experience of sound.

The following images propose an interplay between two mediums of the senses, sound and sight, in a synaesthetic interpretation of our own immediate experience of the aural world we encounter. Consider the potential visual representation of sound, its constancy in our environment and its natural affinity towards transformation. In these visualisations one can imagine changes in pitch or volume from the direction and velocity of shapes and learn to recognise the morphology inherently contained with the materiality of sound as a temporal time-based medium.

Aural Inertia 0

Figure 1



Aural Inertia 1Figure 2



Aural Inertia 2

Figure 3



Aural Inertia 3

Figure 4



Aural Inertia 4

Figure 5



Aural Inertia 5

Figure 6



Aural Inertia 6

Figure 7



Aural Inertia 7

Figure 8



Aural Inertia 8

Figure 9



Aural Inertia 9

Figure 10



Aural Inertia 10

Figure 11



Aural Inertia 11

Figure 12



Aural Inertia 12

Figure 13



Author: Warren Shaw

All images and content © 2016 Warren Shaw


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